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Integrated experimental graphitization furnace
Integrated experimental graphitization furnace
Integrated experimental graphitization furnace
Integrated experimental graphitization furnace
Integrated experimental graphitization furnace

Integrated experimental graphitization furnace

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Integrated experimental furnace for carbonization and graphitization of carbon paper for fuel cells
Overview: The greenhouse effect is one of the biggest environmental problems facing the 21st century. Excessive emission of greenhouse gases is the main cause of the greenhouse effect. About 17% of the carbon dioxide in greenhouse gases comes from the combustion of internal combustion engines in cars and trucks. Therefore, reducing dependence on oil for transportation is a solution to avoid environmental problems. Material battery technology has attracted considerable attention as a potential alternative power generation technology, and has the advantages of zero emissions, high efficiency, and rapid response to load changes. Fuel cells are generally more efficient than their traditional power generation counterparts, such as gas turbines and reciprocating engines, with power generation efficiencies of over 50%. Combined with the existing environment and current situation, the increasing demand for power generation and the lack of large-scale central power stations developed in congested areas, fuel cells will quickly become the main device in the distributed power generation market. The principle of fuel cells was first discovered in 1839 by British jurist and physicist Sir William Grove

Commonly used matrix materials for fuel cell gas diffusion layers are:
Charcoal paper. Carbon paper is a functional paper with a certain fiber content. Its production process is to mix chopped carbon fiber and adhesive and obtain it through staining, molding, curing, carbonization, graphitization and other processes. It can be used for fuel cell gas diffusion. It is a layer of functional paper, and the graphitization treatment is to make the carbon paper have good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and thermal stability. Carbon paper is a fiber skeleton, so it has a porous structure and can be used as a material for gas diffusion layers. However, the overall strength of carbon paper is low and it is prone to deformation and breakage, which has become a research hotspot at this stage.

Carbon fiber cloth. Also known as carbon fiber woven cloth, carbon cloth, carbon fiber prepreg cloth, etc. Carbon fiber cloth has the characteristics of high strength, low density, thin thickness, etc. It also has high durability and is suitable for environments such as acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric corrosion.
High-performance carbon paper has increasingly higher performance requirements for carbon paper and carbon cloth used in fuel cells. Among them, low-temperature carbonization, medium-temperature carbonization, high-temperature carbonization and ultra-high temperature graphitization are one of the key steps in modifying carbon paper. Our company In long-term cooperation with relevant domestic scientific research institutions and enterprises, we have developed an integrated gap experimental furnace suitable for high-temperature treatment of carbonization and graphitization of carbon paper and carbon cloth, and a large-scale production-type carbon paper and carbon cloth continuous furnace.

The carbonization and graphitization furnace of carbon paper and carbon cloth for fuel cells has the following characteristics:

Suitable for carbon paper carbonization, carbon paper graphitization, carbon cloth carbonization, carbon cloth graphitization, carbon paper modification, carbon paper heat treatment, etc.
The square furnace saves more space than the conventional round furnace, and is more suitable for laminating and placing carbon paper, and the placement of carbon cloth stretch tooling, with various placement options.
Larger space, 200mm long
Integrated modular space layout integrates everything including power supply system, water cooling system, furnace body, furnace door, insulation, various protections, etc. into a space of 4 meters long, 3 meters wide and 2.5 meters high, occupying a larger area. Compact, the installation only requires the installation of electricity, air, tap water or external circulating cooling water, taking full account of the characteristics of small laboratory space, limited entrance and exit doors, or laboratories generally arranged on the second floor or above.
Using the latest IGBT power supply, compared with conventional silicon-controlled FM power supplies, it has the characteristics of quieter sound, high power factor, and less harmonic interference. It has fully verified the harmonic interference of other experimental electrical equipment.
The redesigned fully automatic furnace door is more friendly to scientific research and experimental personnel. When placing and placing samples, there is no need to manually open the furnace door and manually operate the insulation cover. The equipment can be completed automatically with one click.
It has a full range of temperature measurement from room temperature to 3200 degrees, including thermocouple temperature measurement and two-color infrared temperature measurement. Low temperature is more accurate and high temperature is higher. They complement each other. One device can handle both low and high temperatures.
There are up to 20 heating process options. All heating and cooling are automatically controlled by the computer, including early vacuum replacement, gas filling and heating, heat preservation, cooling, cooling, etc.

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