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Graphitization furnace industrial furnace
Graphitization furnace industrial furnace
Graphitization furnace industrial furnace
Graphitization furnace industrial furnace
Graphitization furnace industrial furnace

Graphitization furnace industrial furnace

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Graphitization furnace is mainly used for high-temperature processing such as sintering and graphitization of carbon materials, graphitization of PI films, graphitization of thermal conductive materials, sintering of carbon fiber ropes, sintering graphitization of carbon fiber filaments, purification of graphite powder, and other high-temperature processes in carbon. Materials that can be graphitized in the environment. Its working temperature is as high as 3000℃. High production efficiency and energy saving. Using the online temperature measurement and control system, the temperature in the furnace can be monitored in real time and automatically adjusted.
As various new carbon materials continue to emerge. Various scientific research institutes and enterprises and institutions are also sparing no effort in developing new carbon materials. Our company has specially launched an experimental graphite specifically for the new carbon/carbon material industry, which is specially designed for university laboratories, scientific research institutes and enterprises and institutions. furnace.
It is especially suitable for high temperature to 3200 degrees, and can also be used in high-temperature vacuum sintering furnaces, etc., saving a lot of time and energy for various high-end developers and scientific researchers who have no operating experience, no long-term duty experience and no equipment maintenance capabilities. So that they can focus on various development tasks.


1, the highest long-term continuous operating temperature: 3000 ℃ (12 hours or more)
2, the maximum design temperature: 3200 ℃ (maximum temperature continuous time <2 hours)
3, the furnace working atmosphere: nitrogen, argon (flow ≮ 0.5m3 / h), vacuum (not more than 2300 degrees, please specify when ordering)
4, furnace size: conventional spot φ200 × 350mm (internal charging space) (other specifications can be customised size)
5、Rated output power: 60KW, the actual use of power is not greater than 50KW
6、Rated intermediate frequency: 4000Hz
7, temperature measurement: two-colour infrared temperature measurement instruments and equipment
8, temperature range: 1000-3200 ° C, (0-3200 ° C full range of temperature measurement, please specify when ordering, standard 1000 ° C from measurement)
9、Temperature control mode: full-automatic programme temperature control
10、Equipment use: high temperature graphitising
11、Cooling water consumption: ≤ 20m7/h (this equipment is self-provided)
12, standby water consumption: ≤ 8m7 / h (the equipment prepared)
13、Water quality of internal circulating water: steam water or pure water
14, internal circulating water pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa
15, power supply grid: three-phase five-wire 380V, 50Hz/60Hz
16, cooling protection: the use of flow, pressure, water temperature of the cooling water and other multiple protection.
17、Limit heating speed: less than 60 minutes.

Product Characteristics

-Experimental graphitisation frying room High degree of automation, "foolproof" operation, working the whole process of a key switch machine
- Self-help" process settings, all processes such as vacuum degree, vacuum time, arrival temperature, temperature time, filling conditions, filling type, all using the graphical interface self-service programmable operation, completely eliminate the main factors affecting graphitising.
- Built-in water-cooled cooling system, completely abandon the external water-cooled, fully applicable to all kinds of research laboratories, office buildings (with 60-70KW three-phase power as a prerequisite), and so on.
- Modular installation of consumable parts, completely inexperienced operators, all consumable parts can be replaced within 1 hour.
- Ultra-High Temperature Furnace body, can fully meet the sintering and graphitising of various materials.
- Multi-channel air inlet and exhaust ports are reserved to complete a variety of complex processes.
- High-precision imported infrared thermometer to ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement.
- Adopting digital intelligent temperature control system, fully automatic and high-precision completion of the temperature measurement and control process, the system can be given by the heating curve to raise the temperature, and can be stored in a total of 400 sections of the 20 different process heating curve.
- Adopting real internal circulation pure water cooling system; full dustproof design, water temperature and liquid level monitoring.
- The water circuit adopts the latest heat flow monitoring system.
- Comprehensive PLC water, electricity and gas automatic control and protection system.
- Very perfect IGBT power device overload, short circuit and false trigger, and over-voltage protection.
- Modular design of the whole machine, easy to install and maintain
- All parts of the whole machine to make serial number identification, and the schematic diagram of the full correspondence, greatly reducing the maintenance time, can be remote maintenance.
- Human-machine interface full-parameter data acquisition
- Man-machine interface display and operation, the whole machine operating parameters at a glance, easy to operate.

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Home> Products> High Temperature Graphitising Furnace> Small Experimental Graphitising Furnace> Graphitization furnace industrial furnace
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